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I go Green is an organisation established in October 2013 aimed at socio-ecological development . Its members constitute of people/students who are pursuing different career options.


The Aim of the society is to promote and analyze for a better socio-environmental society and to uplift as well as empower the downtrodden and thereby helping the society as a whole.


• To organize the people of the area under one roof and thereby try to work together for development of the area in all aspects.
• To undertake, support and subsidize measures, programmes, plan and schemes for rural uplift, socio-economic welfare and modernization of rural areas especially in Health and Education.
• To arrange meetings, conferences and training programmes / workshops for creating awareness and spreading knowledge about.
• Addressing developmental issues of deprived population.
• To carry out surveys, mapping, collection of data, its compilation and publication and preparation of reports of all types.
• Work for protection and prevention of Wildlife Environment.
• Protection of cultural heritage.
• Bring about awareness regarding Health issues hence improving health status of the area.
• Inspire compassion linked to social and moral responsibility.
• Support and cooperate with persons and groups already engaged in Socio-Ecological development.

Founder's note

Human, being the most intelligent creature among the living, cannot think only of its own progress. It must do something for the society, the other living organisms and basically anyone who is in need. This is what I believe to be my ideology of life so far. With this in mind, I seek to do something for the greater good of everyone in every kind. But solitarily it cannot ever be easy, so I thought of doing it as a group. Then began my journey for the search of people willing for the noble initiative. Then for five whole years I sought for interested people, but found no luck. I did not let my passion die. By the month of October 2013, I met some people who had the same passion, carried out a meeting and formed the group.

Now after four months, we are a registered organization (NGO) aimed at socio-ecological development. We have over thirty members of various age groups; working or studying in varied domains. We have carried out two of our events successfully. A big hug to Euro Kids for helping us in our first event.

I am also thankful to the people who respected my idea and my dream. We thereby promise to be at our service; always!

Mr. Simanta Kalita

Founder & Secy. General

IgG- I go Green, Assam